In Closing

from by Baldi



Now that we covered the easy stuff, let's review.


I'm sorry it ain't perfect
Or far from
To be honest the fear
Often trumps over the fun
The lumps leave most cut up
Sputtered and undone
But I vow I will teach you how
And how come
Don't let life just step
To your one
You battle and fight by what's right
And what's love
That's your battle flag, fatigues,
And your guns
It's your belief, your tatted sleeves
And your blood
And homie, you don't shed nothing
For none
They come looking, you meet em
You leave em set to the sun
With regrets, like years of cigarettes
To the lungs
You got the song in your soul
This world is needing it sung
It ain't far fetched
It's far-flung
Not far from God's ears
But far from their tongue
They ain't bringing it fair
Brining what they've brung
And they ain't ringing no bells
That you ain't letting be rung
So son
Don't follow no crew and get strung
Be proof, be power, be present
Be young, that's love

You gotta keep your wits about ya
These kids'll out ya
They'll call you things that you believe
That they shouldn't even think about ya
and how comes
The next question
Settle for less stress
And abort any illness of intention
Two faced crooks
Of your time and your tension
Known only as
Those aforementioned
They get no name
A name's earned
It's established through actions and verbs
You got a right to be heard
But fear is a particular word
With stock based in your internal concern
So grip that
Cause it fades when you reemerge
And realize that you ain't dead
And no, that shit ain't hurt
Shoulders back, head high
Ain't living just to get by
Perusing the alley for a gally
You can get by
True best buy
The one you thrive make smile
And die a little anytime
That you neglect and let cry
The one blowin' on the dice
That you bet by
So stay focused on the force
Young Jedi
Sleep is optional
Life's a red eye
Stay loyal to your head
And kind to those for which its fed by


from Songs For A Future You, released December 15, 2016
lyrics by: Baldi
Produced by: Lars Viola



all rights reserved


Baldi New York, New York

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